4 Ways to Buy a Gorgeous Wedding Dress on a Budget

Wedding dresses in bridal stores in the United States are quite costly. However, these prices differ from one region to the other. For instance, just recently, Huffington Post published that brides in Alaska spend an average of $804 on their wedding dresses while those in Manhattan spend comparably higher $3,027.

The difference is huge and discouraging if you are planning to buy a gorgeous wedding dress on a budget. However, if you want to start your financial life with your new spouse on the right footing, below are 4 tips on how you can buy an amazing wedding dress at a friendly price.

1. Rent a dress

You don’t have to compromise fashion for price on your wedding day but it’s imperative you get smart while looking for the best deal possible. Renting a gown does not make it any less gorgeous especially for something you are keen of wearing only once in your lifetime.

Consider a wedding dress rental service where you will rent your gown and return it when you are happily married. Believe it or not you will have saved yourself so much money in the process and at the same time not compromised on fashion and style.

2. Check out mass retailers

Back in the days, you had to visit a bridal store and were subject to its inventory and prices. But today, there are a couple of mass retailers in the wedding dress business. It first started with J. Crew and soon, a couple of retailers had their own wedding dress lines which mostly cost less than the store pricing. For instance, gowns in J.Crew retail between $450 and $2,200.

3. Go nontraditional

At New York’s bridal fashion week this fall, doyen Vera Wang showcased not a single white or ivory gown. Many of her designs were black. White or ivory gown are the traditional color for wedding gowns but this makes them expensive.

If you are willing to choose a nontraditional dress that may have been marketed for a different purpose, you will make a unique bride and spend much less on your wedding dress.

4. Plan a less formal wedding

Couples who plan an outdoor wedding or other casual setting spend much less on attire than those who plan to say “I Do” at the altar in a cathedral length veil. My thoughts are a lightweight dress for the beach come at a lower budget than yards of embellished silk satin.